Horseback Riding on a First Date


Juan met two women named Donna in one night while dancing in a bar. He had a matchbook with one of their phone numbers on it and another matchbook with the other’s name and number on it. He couldn’t remember which was which, so he picked a matchbook and called.

“Hi, this is Juan. Are you the chubby Donna?”

Donna remembered she’d had on her baggy parachute pants the night before. Did he really think she was chubby?

“No,” she said.

“In that case, I’d like to take you horseback riding,” Juan said.

Donna was allergic to long-haired animals, but Juan was really cute with his black hair and dark brown Ecuadorian eyes, so she said yes.

An hour and a half into the ride, blue-eyed Donna started to develop welts all over her body.  She’d worn her tight jeans so that Juan would see her cute figure. She hadn’t wanted to tell Juan about the welts, but they were itching like crazy.

Donna couldn’t stand it any longer and told Juan that she was allergic to horse hair.  Juan took her to the ER as soon as they got off the horses.

Something must have worked out because that first itchy date led to another and another and another.  Juan and Donna dated for ten months and then got married. That was 1985.  They’ve been together for 37 years.

Couldda Wouldda Didda

Juan and Donna don’t ride horses anymore, but they are still dancing. I think that is awesome.



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