Love Again


K.T. and her friend Toni, both divorced, joined the singles’ ski club in the fall. When they found out about the Snow Ball, where five ski clubs came together for dinner and dancing to live rock and roll music, they decided to go together.

Rex had been in the club for years. He had recently let the club women shave off his beard to raise money for charity. Under all that hair was a good-looking guy with a chiseled chin. He wasn’t interested in the Snow Ball until he heard that the two new members, K.T. and Toni, were going.

“Sign me up!” he said.

The Snow Ball happened in the middle of November, an event  to kick off the ski season.  When K.T. saw Rex in his tux, she liked the view. When Rex approached the two at the bar and asked K.T. and Toni if they’d like to sit with him at dinner, they said yes. After dinner the music started, and K.T. was ready to dance, Toni, not so much. Rex and K.T. danced.  Rex danced with so many women that night that K.T. thought he must be the membership guy or the welcome-committee guy.

On Christmas day, K.T. was having a bad holiday, and then the phone rang. It was Rex, asking K.T. to accompany him to his daughter-in-law’s house for a party the next day. K.T. said yes. She not only spent the day with Rex, but also with his son, his daughter-in-law, his son’s mother-in-law, his son’s father-in-law, and various other non-blood relatives of Rex’s.

That was several years ago. Now Rex and K.T. live together.  Tonight I sat near them at the singles’ club barbecue. The photo above is the two of them. After I shot the picture, K.T. showed me her beautiful ring.

It took a second time around, but Rex and K.T. found each other.  We should all be so lucky.

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