Chuck’s Drive-in Movie Date


Chuck drove his powder blue Bonneville Pontiac to pick up his new girlfriend for their drive-in movie date during his senior year of high school.  He had tricked out the interior of the car with his two taxidermy quail on a bed of shag carpeting in the car’s back window. When he drove his car at 30 mph, the aerodynamics of the car created an obnoxious whistle. But it was all his, an important component for having a successful date.

Chuck took Dianne to see some spaghetti western, but they both knew the real reason to be at the drive-in — drinking and kissing.

After the movie ended, Chuck drove Dianne home and spent another hour necking with her in her driveway. When he finally walked her to her door at 2 a.m., he had to hold her up as she staggered to the porch. Dianne fumbled with the keys until her mother opened the door.

“Here’s your daughter back,” Chuck said.

As he headed back to his car, Dianne barfed all over her mom.

Surprisingly, Dianne’s parents liked Chuck and thought he was good influence on their daughter. Chuck dated Dianne for eighteen months in total.

Today Chuck told me the story of the day his date upchucked on her own mother.

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