Pandemic Friday


My friends are going out. They are eating at restaurants with no masks on, and they are sitting shoulder to shoulder at the table – not all from one household!

I am chicken to do that.  I watch too much news and read too many newspapers.

Yes, everything we do in life is a risk. But some things seem riskier than others – like eating out while sitting shoulder to shoulder.

Or having a woman come work inside your house when she and her three family members are not taking precautions because:

  1. This is just another flu.
  2. They aren’t scared of the flu.
  3. This is the government trying to control us.
  4. This is the Democrats trying to create a mountain out of a molehill.
  5. This is the media exaggerating for ratings.
  6. All of the above.

I am a chicken.  I’ve seen those shots of hospital ICU patients on their stomachs with intubated tubes. They have to be drugged to tolerate the tube that runs into their lungs.

I personally know eleven people who have had the virus or have it now.  My friend in Iowa has relatives who have it. She says we will all get it eventually.  I am trying hard not to. But I did have to go out for a bag of dog food and a box of gloves for my sister’s care givers. A teenaged couple, who appeared to be on a date, cut the line while I waited to pay.


The check-out guy saw what they’d done and called me over to his register.  As I was finishing up, the teens came over, and the girl got within two feet of me. I put my hand out to say STOP. She backed up a little until I could pick up my bag of dog food and get out of there.

Two minutes later, as I was trying to leave, the same girl munched on her bag of chips while walking side by side with the boy in the mask. What a date that was! They weaved their way through the parking lot as cars waited for them to get out of the way.

Last night at the local park, a group of parents sat in a big social distancing circle while their pre-schoolers dressed as super heroes ran around. A birthday party? A grown-up get together? I saw Spider Man and a kid in a cape and some other super heroes I couldn’t readily identify, one dressed in yellow and red.

I sat in my own social distancing group of five. The breeze was lovely, and we chatted while I watched the two couples

eat their dinner and drink their wine.

Then I hurried home for a virtual concert on Facebook. Two and half hours of live John Lennon music  is regularly a $40.00  concert. But with lower overhead costs, I felt as though a $15.00 tip would be enough.

The musicians put out their virtual tip jars by posting their Paypal and Venmo info. I feel it is my duty to keep these guys in petty cash so that they will still be musicians when this pandemic is over.

And not working at a Home Depot somewhere.

All the money I am not spending by not going out is now for the cause.

Keep Musicians in Groceries!

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