Pandemic Tuesday and the Escape Dog


It’s that bewitching hour, 6:00 p.m. I’ve done all my daily duties, the chorus Zoom meeting isn’t till 7:00, I am too tired to clean something, I’ve scrolled through Facebook enough, so now I will write a blog post.

I started out my day by going to Costco. I go once a month and didn’t know that are no longer opening at 8:00 for seniors. So I read the paper while I watched people park and get in to the long line. I didn’t need to be first or tenth or 25th in line. I waited until the garage doors rolled up, got out of my car, got a cart, and followed the line down to the other line. Someone was asleep on the job and about ten people in the 2nd line cut the first line. The guy in front of me waited for the old lady to catch up, along with the fifteen people stuck behind her who were not happy.

The bouncer at the door kept shouting,” 60 and over, only, people.”

Just once I wish someone would question my age, but he waved me in. Even the very pregnant lady got in with us oldies, because you know, baby.

I went the opposite way from everyone else and got two pairs of glasses adjusted in optical. They’ve been falling off my face for months, so yay for me.  The flowers were dumb – no carnations so I skipped flowers and went straight to the chocolate aisle. Then I hit the bakery, produce, and even scored TP. But Costco was sold out of gloves, sweet potatoes, and the aforementioned carnations.

I bought $200 worth of stuff in ten minutes and was out of there, pretty painless, but behind schedule.

I scrapped my plan to hit the post office and hurried home to unload the groceries and load up the smaller dog for a trip to the reservoir. I had her in her harness, in the car, tethered to a leash tied to the head rest.

”I’ll just put the garbage cans away.”

Big mistake. While I was doing that, the final garbage truck turned onto my court. The noise startled the dog, and she jumped out the car window. She wiggled out of her harness and collar and was now running naked thorough the yard, trying to get away from the truck noise.

I had to hold onto her on the porch until the garbage truck left my court, then got her back into her restraints. I rolled up the windows just in case and headed to Lafayette.

Two girlfriends were waiting for me. We started out in masks, but they didn’t last long. It’s hard to talk in masks, plus it was hot. I forgot the doggie water bowl, and the poor dog was panting halfway around the reservoir.

I am a bad dog owner. We planned to give her a drink at the communal water bowl, and then I forgot because we were deep in conversation.

Poor Daisy. I finally got her a drink back at the car, and she hid in the passenger floor area under my post office packages. It was okay, I was took surface roads to the medical supply place where I picked up stuff for Sis.

Then I took the surface streets to Alamo to meet my son for lunch. Once again, Daisy wiggled out of her harness and ended up on the seat next to me.

My son had to carry her to the outdoor table at the deli (she didn’t want to get out of the car), and he got in line with my money to order while I sat with crazy dog on my lap. We ate our $12.00 sandwiches and then he dog-sat for me while I took my packages next door to the post office.

A woman was digging through her purse at a counter, and I asked her if she was in line.

”Of course!” she said.

“Okay, I didn’t want to assume anything,” I said.

After a short wait, I was up.  The postal clerk slowly processed my two packages. I was back outside and felt someone coming up behind me. It was my son with crazy dog. We said our good-byes (no hug) and I took surface streets to my town and the library. Once again crazy dog wiggled out of her harness and decided to get under my feet, where the brakes are.

I pulled over and moved the dog out of there, parked, dropped off three library books and went home.

Poor Pepper. She’d been waiting three hours for her turn to go for a walk. I left on my hot hiking boots and socks and took her around the neighborhood, then came home and did some writing and some plum picking.

The days seem to fill up, even though I can’t say I get much done. Costco is always an undertaking. You load it once into the cart, load it twice into the car, load it thrice into the house when you get home.

Oh, almost time for Zoom. I’d better go brush the plum tree leaves out of my hair.

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