9-1-1 on 101

As I drove to my little beach town, I was halfway there and feeling happy that my stomach had stopped erupting with nasty burps (I’d even skipped my fake coffee this morning).

Suddenly a CHP car passed with lights flashing, then a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Whoa! What had happened? I immediately thought of tomorrow’s election and wondered if some militia guys had blocked highway 101 or something.

Then a 5th CHP car flew by. Cars in front of me were slowing down but still moving. Then a 6th CHP passed on the shoulder, a 7th and 8th CHP car.

At this point the last CHP car jumped in front of the three lanes of traffic and did his side to side slowdown maneuver just three cars ahead of mine. Then all lanes were completely stopped.

Crap! Everything had been going so well. I looked at the dogs and assured the crazy one that we were okay. Then I rolled down the window for the big one.

CHP 9 and 10. Ambulance. Fire Truck.

Another paramedic type vehicle. CHP. Another ambulance.

I poured the dogs a drink of water as the guys in the lane next to me opened up their doors to step out and see what was happening.

The big dog took two drinks, but the little dog was too scared to drink.

Another firetruck on the shoulder. Ambulance to follow.

The whole thing started at 11:03. I was just over halfway. to Monterey My two-hour time would be lengthened by the delay.

I couldn’t believe it when we started moving at 11:18.  Did I want to look? Should I just drive by and not glance at whatever horrific thing had happened?

Cars coming north on 101 were slowing down to take a look. It would be impressive to see 17 emergency vehicles with lights flashing.

I was inching my way as three lanes merged into one. People were being nice and letting cars go in front of them. We had all been waiting the same amount of time.

One CHP officer was directing traffic. Everyone else was standing around. There were no bodies on the road, but there was a big red spot in one place. Several cars were lined up on the shoulder. I counted six. No obvious wounded bodies to see. They were already in ambulances, maybe.

Was it a gross overreaction to send 17 vehicles? Was it a slow Monday? Did someone make an overzealous report to 9-1-1?

I didn’t care. We were moving again. My stomach was back in my throat, but at least I hadn’t been involved in the pile-up. I’ve seen so many accidents on 101 but have either come up behind them (like the guy whose wheel flew off and hit a bridge railing while I watched from two cars back), or they happened behind me.

Except the church bus hanging over another bridge railing with a bunch of church ladies in their Sunday finery sitting on the side of the road.

I was six cars behind that one. Again with two dogs. Wiener Dog has gone to heaven. That was five years ago.

Couldda Wouldda Didda

I left at the correct time. I was not part of the accident – woohoo!

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