R is for Retro


Everything old is new again.  Jumpsuits from the 70’s and 80’s are back.  I know this because we are singing a Captain and Tennille song in my jazz group, and solid-colored jumpsuits are the suggested attire. I went online to see if Macy’s had any. They have a whole department of them!

Ponchos were cool in the 60’s. Then they came back. Stovepipe pants were popular for a little while in the 70’s. Stovepipes are back. Of course they are! How could skinny jeans get any skinnier?

Fur, animal prints, big sleeves, tight sleeves, low-rise, mid-rise, high rise, snaps, zippers, buttons, they are in style, then go away, then they come back.  Ruffles, feathers, big lapels, skinny lapels, everything except shoulder pads have returned. Maybe in another decade?

Long shirts, short shirts, long blazers, short blazers, belted things, un-belted things, ankle length, Capri length,  mini skirts, midi skirts, maxi skirts,  granny dresses — they have shown up in this century.  Low waist, high waist, no waist, it’s a thing. Big collars, bows, black and white, pink and gray, green and cream, all back.

Polyester was replaced by cotton. Then cotton came back. Then polyester took over again. Spandex seems to be in everything.

Denim, denim, denim — it iseverywhere. My friends have discreetly told me to wear less denim. It’s a hard habit to break.  The saggy butt syndrome is not a good look. I blame it on my heavy smart phone in my back pocket.

They say if you wore it the first time, you are too old to wear it again. Okay, but for a Captain and Tennille thingie? Then yes, I can.

I make pioneer dresses for grade school girls. I re-purpose dresses found in thrift stores. Lately all I can find in the stores is polyester, sequined, and ugly patterns that do not look old-fashioned. I can make most things look pioneer but not ugly polyester.

LP’s are back. Turntables are back.  Bicycles with fat tires are back.  Men with long hair are back, although now it’s hipsters wearing it tucked up in a man bun.  Long straight hair parted in the middle is back for women.

If we hold on to things long enough, they come back around.

I also sold antiques. Those are not in style right now. It’s all about Pottery Barn, IKEA, and Williams Sonoma.  But I will hold on to the antiques. They will be coming back around in one form or another.

Everything retro is cool again. Just you wait and see.

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