Best Birthday Ever

I was dreading the big one with no way to celebrate it during a pandemic. What would I do all day?  How could I make the day different from all the other ones during the lockdown?

The good news is that I didn’t have to do anything at all. The day filled itself with all kinds of good stuff.

First I went out for the Sunday paper, bananas, and a piece of cake. I knew no one would bake me one, so I’d just buy myself a piece – German Chocolate, with a cherry on top.

Then a girlfriend texted about going on a walk. She showed up with a bag of goodies for me, too. This is the same girlfriend who brought me dinner three years ago when then-boyfriend stood me up for my birthday dinner. We discussed him as we walked down to the park, which was bustling with people,

Pandemic? You’d never know it from all the activities – dogs chasing balls, kids on bikes, a woman blowing bubbles across the sidewalk.

“Thanks for the birthday bubbles,” I said.

The next thing I knew she was serenading me, and her teen-age kids were wishing me a happy birthday.

We walked the loop three times, found Daisy a doggie water fountain and then headed back home.

I came inside, checked all the Facebook messages, opened up two Ecards, and wasted some more time thinking about how old I am.

Then my mother called and serenaded me. When the conversation turned to my older sister, I tried hard not to blurt out, “Not today! Give me one day off, please!”

I succeeded.

A dancing friend called and invited me to lunch for today. I was in the middle of making my salad, which I ate outside in my back yard. Then another girlfriend called. We caught up on how we are surviving the stay-at-home-by-yourself time.

After that call, I sliced a piece of cake off my store-bought purchase and put it in some Tupperware for my sister. Then I sat down and ate the rest of it.

My oldest set up a Zoom call for 4:00 with her sibs. I got my son-in-law as an added bonus. Plus dogs. Always dogs. Since three of them are scientists (the adult kids, not the dogs) we discussed all the misinformation out there about Covid-19.

Then, as the Zoom call was winding down, my best friend from childhood called. We talked for two hours. When we hung up at 8:00, and I realized I’d been talking for four hours.

I didn’t feel so alone today. All the people that matter the most showed up for my birthday.

Now, isn’t that the best birthday ever?


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