Lockdown Monday


I got up and fed the dogs, shared my morning apple with them, and then ate my breakfast while checking Facebook. I took a quick shower and then had the whole day ahead of me to fill.

Let’s see, yesterday I vacuumed up all the dead bugs and cobwebs in the garage. You know you’re getting desperate when you take your vacuum cleaner outside.

Why does deperate have three e’s in it while separate only has two? These are the big questions one can ponder during the corona virus lockdown.

My friends in lesser-populated states are still getting their hair done. My daughter is cutting her fiance’s hair in Boston, and I am wearing a hat to cover my gray stripe on the top of my head and at my temples in California.

Speaking of temples, I was wearing said hat while trimming a tree and then jammed my temple into a stubby tree branch. My head is still tender on the left side.

I finished my third book last night, reframed another picture this morning, walked dog A, then walked dog B, pulled some weeds in the sunshine, and am now wondering if I should venture out to the store. Girl Scout cookies, as back-up to no more chocolate, are gone.

Nah! I’m heading back to the Bay Area tomorrow to pay some bills (my own and my sister’s), to get my mail and packages, pick up my Rx, and take care of the yard. Why buy groceries now?

Then I’m coming back down here to my beach town. It’s not as crowded, there are lots of old people so everyone is abiding by social distancing, unlike the Bay Area where teens are running around in packs in the parks since all schools are out. Where are their parents?  Are the kids lying about what they are up to?

I’ve a good mind to call the cops on them if I see them congregating at the park next door. Now I really do sound like an old lady. We old ladies are the ones at the most risk for Covid -19. The young people think they will get a mild case. Some do, some don’t. We’ve had both a teen and a baby die in our county in the Bay Area.

Think about that, rule breakers!

But then I think back to when I was a teen. First of all, I got my information second or third hand. I wasn’t watching Dr. Fauci on the nightly news. Second of all, teens want nothing more than to be with other teens. It’s not like they want to fill their time doing hobbies, like I am doing. They all have FOMO going on. They don’t want to miss a thing.

Thirdly, teens have hormones raging, and if they can get next to a cute boy or gal they’ve had a crush on since October, no coronavirus is going to stop them. Look at the college jerks on the Florida beaches. Same deal. Partying is more important than a good long life.

And as for the governor of Texas or wherever he is from, 60-somethings are not ready to die. We have just retired or are on the verge of it. We want to live for our children’s weddings, their babies, all of that. We want to become grandparents or enjoy our grandkids if we already have them.

I’ve got news for you young’uns. Old people feel the same as they always have. It’s only when we look in the mirror that we realize that our body is not keeping up with our spirit.

You may live well into your hundreds if you are a member of the young generation. We won’t. But let us live as long as we possibly can.

Stay home. Get out of my park and stop spreading Covid 19 around my town.

At least for the month of April. It’s a short one, only thirty days.

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