Q is for Quirky


When I was in high school and bought some of my clothes at the DAV thrift store, they called me quirky.

When I made a cool pair of bell bottom jeans out of my dad’s old work pants, they called me quirky, but they also asked me where I got them.

When I broke tradition and wore a short-sleeved mohair sweater for my graduation picture, they called me quirky, but a girlfriend went out and bought the same pastel sweater and wore it for her graduation picture, too.

When I bought a navy winter coat to the ankles with a big tie in the front, they called me quirky, but another girlfriend went out and bought an identical coat.

When I went to college and saw all the sorority jackets, I made my own. Instead of sorority letters on it, I chose MMB for malted milk balls. Quirky.

When I actually joined a sorority, my sisters told me to stop wearing that jacket. Frugal me, I took off MMB and added ZTA.

When I got invited to a gangster fraternity party I went to the thrift store and bought a long royal blue vintage lace dress with a big sash and a toy machine gun. Quirky. Every sister in the sorority wanted to borrow it.

When I went to teach in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska, I developed my own style of dressing on my limited teacher’s salary. I even bought my dresser from a junk shop and refinished it.

When I got married, my style went out the window as I became a stay-at-home mom.

I got my style back when I opened a shop in my town.  I specialized in vintage and funky clothes and sold a lot of them.

I bought a black suede jacket with leather cut-outs at the Salvation Army for my shop and decided to keep it.  I bought a bunch of dresses at a thrift store in Carmel for my shop, and a few landed in my closet. I buy loud colorful jackets and wear them with jeans when I go out dancing.

When I dance I wear men’s size 8 black wingtips on my feet. They are super slidey and very comfortable with a low heel. I met a guy in those shoes. The next time I met him to dance, he had on his black wingtips, too.

I buy guy shirts at the GAP for my gorilla arms, and the feminine ones usually make it to the clearance rack. The same rack is a great place to buy cheap Halloween costume parts.

I have a huge costume box in my garage (actually three Rubber Maid tubs). This serves me well when I need to dress up for a chorus photo or a jazz song or a masquerade party. I have been known to dress groups of people, too. Why not?

I know I am quirky, but here’s the good news. I never see anyone wearing the same thing that I do to a party.

And I don’t tell people anymore where I buy my stuff.

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