It’s funny how you notice other people’s expectations and how they sometimes don’t align with your own.

  1. How they expect you to be available seven nights a week to do stuff.
  2. How they expect you to be hungry at regular meal times, even though your schedule is uniquely your own.
  3. How they expect you to have all the amenities at your beach rental when you do, in fact, have no internet. And no, it is not okay to ask your neighbors for their passwords.
  4. How you might not come to EVERY dance event, even though you love to dance. Sometimes you have something better to do (if it’s a Boston cover band).
  5. How you might not be dancing because you did that four nights last week, and you are just plain tired.
  6. How you might not know if someone needs a drink of water on her walk, and even though she texted you while standing on your porch, you are out in the back gardening and can’t hear your phone beep.
  7. How you don’t check your phone every five minutes and that if something is really important, maybe the person should call you.
  8. How you are not as electronically dependent as some of your friends, and that they might have to wait for a response and that frustrates them.
  9. How someone assumes you are a socialist because you are a Democrat. Socialism sounds good in theory, but baby steps, people! Let’s not try to do all this in one crucial election. Let’s get the man out of the White House first and then work toward a socialist democracy.
  10. How just because you are skinny means that you feel good. Be careful with the line, “I wish I had your problem!” Believe me, you really don’t.
  11. How your chorus expects you to be the same size in July (measurement time) that you will be in December. Yes, I know most people would be the same size, but there is always the exception.
  12. That your own common sense is equal to the person’s common sense who is working for you. Never assume. Explain everything, ad nauseum.
  13. That if you see a cool copper birdhouse on the curb (on a dog walk), it will still be there on your way home.
  14. That if you explain your digestive issues to a group of people, that any of them can comprehend your situation.
  15. That if you explain your digestive issues to anyone, he/she will have a remedy to offer you: pro-biotics, pre-biotics, pancreatic enzymes, Aloe Vera, acupuncture, etc.
  16. That what is important to others might not be as important to you, and they are thereby flumoxed by your desire to do something that doesn’t align with their preferences.
  17. That you are a good driver but not a fast, lane-changing driver, and that is frustrating to some of those that you chauffeur (as designated driver).
  18. That you get negative comments for hiring a weekly “Girl Friday” to do your honey-do list by a woman with a husband.
  19. That you get negative comments from same woman for buying a new gate to hold back your Jack Russell terrier, the queen of jumping (friend doesn’t have dogs).
  20. That you expected anyone to read this drivel!

4 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. ha! Missed you last night…..you were dancing on your 5th night in a row, yes? 🙂 I did hear someone say you will be his designated driver coming soon – he wears a tux to the Foreverland concerts…am I correct? Love you bunches!

    Liked by 1 person

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