A Cricket, a Wine Festival, and a Street Party

My busy Saturday started with a trip to the pharmacy, where I waited in line while two old guys cut in front of me. But I’m not one to yell at a guy hunched over a walker, nor his buddy.

After I picked up the two prescriptions for Sis, I got a phone call while driving. At an intersection, I opened up the newspaper to separate the sports page from the rest. One of the guys at Sis’s board and care home lights up every time I walk in and hand him the sports page. Anyway, when I took off the rubber band and unfolded the paper, a big black cricket hopped out of it. I screamed and wiggled around, wondering if I’d sat on it.

Then I stopped by to see Sis. It was such a lovely morning that she asked to sit outside in the rose garden. One rose bush had white roses and pink roses. Another bush had yellow roses and orange roses. The caregiver called them Mr. and Mrs. Roses. I’d never heard of that.

Then I went to another CVS to get the other two prescriptions (don’t ask). I swung through the half-price thrift store sale and picked up four things. Then off to see my gf to park my car so we could walk over to Heather Farms Park to hear one of our fave bands, Cut Loose.

The day was heating up, so we set up our chairs in the shade.  The band was setting up, and we had a few more friends joining us. We listened to the first few songs, waiting for our men friends to show up. Normally I would drink a glass of wine and dance alone or with other women, but I’m not drinking anymore in honor of my stressed out stomach. So I’m not as brave.

Once the guys showed up, we were ready to dance.  It was hot, hot, hot, but we did it anyway in full sun. I needed some color for summer clothes. Plus, I had on my hat.

When our fave band ended 90 minutes later, we stuck around for the second band, a younger group dressed in silver, black and gold. They were half our ages and had the energy to prove it. Their best choreographed move was when they jumped up and down in unison, and when the female guitarist and the female back-up singer did synchronized high kicks. It was awesome. They played current songs, including Cake by the Ocean and Moves Like Jagger.  After a few dances with Neon Velvet, we were ready to go find a cool place to sit.

The gf and the bf and I hoofed it back to her place, where she set us up on her patio with large glasses of icy cold water or lemonade. We chatted and munched on a Lorna Doone cookie. I realized my head hurt because I needed some real food. I said I needed to go home and eat a salad. BF invited me out to dinner, so we went to Panera and had a Strawberry chicken salad. It really filled the bill.

I drove back to the home where my sis lives, gave the care giver the two extra prescriptions, and then went home to my court where I found about forty kids standing in the middle of the street. Since I drive a Prius, no one heard me coming, but somebody saw me and yelled for everyone to get out of the way. I was sure it was a graduation party, but it turned out to be a bunch of sophomores having a year-end party before two more years of high school.

I took the dogs for their late walks, and the little girl across the street hurried out to see Daisy and throw her the ball. That’s the greatest thing about this court. Lots of kids.

And the occasional cricket.




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