The Four-Frosty Month of May

Wendy’s has 50 cent small Frosties for the month of May. Normally that wouldn’t be blog-worthy, but my sis has been out of her board and care home for four outings this month. That’s the most she’s ever broken out of there.

  1. We went to the podiatrist. Afterward, we celebrated with a chocolate Frosty.
  2. She came to my chorus concert. Afterward, five of us went out for cheeseburgers and, that’s right, chocolate Frosties.
  3. Then we went to another doctor appointment – another chocolate Frosty.
  4. Today we saw the neurologist – Frosty!

So why write about it? Because getting out of the board and care on a regular basis has been a huge mood booster for Sis.  Considering where she was at a year ago, I think she is doing great.

The neurologist we saw last March retired in the fall. The new neurologist shared more info with us than the old guy did. She showed us my sister’s brain scan from 2017, and as she went through the images, screen by screen, she stopped to explain what different dark spots meant and what the dark shape in the center meant. It looked like a lizard. She said that everybody’s brain shrinks, starting in their twenties, and how different little canyons meant old strokes. She counted four.  This was new information to both of us.

She went on to say that my sister’s diagnosis was complicated with several factors contributing to dementia. She said the A word.


The doctor discussed different medications and their side effects. Sis opted to wait a while before trying something new.  The appointment lasted almost an hour.  The doctor gave Sis a memory test, the same test she took last March. She scored two points better. Improvement is always a good thing.

We stopped by a friend’s house just three minutes from the doctor’s office to pick up some Gaviscon for my acid reflux. My friend swears by it.  After my scare Saturday night, I’ve been afraid to eat much of anything.  I will try the Gaviscon one day when I am brave.

We drove home at 4:15 and visited Wendy’s close to the board and care home. I told Sis we could park somewhere to eat the Frosty, but she had finished it by the time we reached the house. Edwin came right out to help get Sis out of the car. We hid the empty Frosty cup so that he wouldn’t see it. Rose wouldn’t be too happy if she knew that Sis had eaten a Frosty right before her dinner would be served.

When I got home I couldn’t get the front door to unlock.  I had to find a metal lawn chair, move it to the gate, stand on the chair, undo the padlock, then try the laundry room door, but it was locked, and I had no key for it on my key ring. Then I tried the kitchen slider, and the cleaning woman had left it open so that she could lock up the front of the house.

I got inside and discovered that the little throw rug was wedged under the front door. When I walked the dogs, I had no trouble unlocking the door.

What a long day, but a good one. It’s always beneficial to gain information on the mystery of my sister’s diagnosis. It has been non-specific for the past three years.

Kind of like the white matter that showed up on my own brain MRI when I thought I had MS.  I would step down and not feel my heel. It turned out to be plantar fasciitis.

Non-specific white matter.

Sis’s neurologist said that’s what happens as the brain ages.

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