P is for Promises

On this 15th day of the monthly challenge of a blog post a day, I have reached the letter P. Everyone else is doing the letter O, but I skipped J since I couldn’t think of a post that started with J.

Right now I am getting lots of promises:  a date for Thursday, a dancing partner for summer, a family coming to hear me sing with my chorus in May. How many promises are holding my future together?  Right now, it’s a bunch.

A girlfriend has promised to accompany me on the BART to see Hamilton with our daughters in August. Another friend has promised to go to five symphony concerts with me next year.

Two of my promises are lounging on recliners right now. The black one will promise to come wake me up in the morning for breakfast by nudging my hand. The white one will promise to pester me until she and her cohort get their daily walks.

The exercise mat in my car promises that I will get to at least two classes this week, hopefully three. Or if not, that it will mock me if I don’t get my act together. Summer is coming, Susan, and you couldn’t make aerobics a priority! The case of water I bought today is tucked away in the cast iron stove on my porch, and it promises to keep me hydrated if I remember to reach in and grab one on the way out the door.

The USPS boxes by my front door promise me that I will mail out Easter/birthday packages the day after tax day, once the post office has quieted down a bit.  I will also mail the boy’s pioneer outfit someone ordered for her third grade son.

The brushed nickel drawer pull by the front door promises me a trip to Home Depot where I will purchase 19 drawer pulls for the nineteen drawers in my new kitchen. It’s so close to done, but still no kitchen sink.

The vitamins I take every day promise me the chance at good health as I get closer to my summer birthday.

The blog post I write promises me another day toward my goal of being prolific.

My get up–dress up–show up mantra is the promise that I make to myself, that my life will be the best that it can be for as long as it can be.

Because no one is promised tomorrow, only today.





6 thoughts on “P is for Promises

      1. Nope. It started on the First with A and without Sundays, we are all on M today
        I’ve read at least 3 posts on M and posted my post on Monkey

        It doesn’t matter if you’re off
        Just have fun blogging.


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