C is for Choices

Life is a series of choices: what to eat for breakfast, what college to go to, which person to marry, whether to see the cup half full or half empty.

It’s much easier to look back at life and say what choices were good or bad. Whatever they were, they got you to where you are now.  We all have regrets, but it is much easier to see the error of our ways in hindsight than when we are in the thick of life.

I should’ve flossed more. I should’ve skipped chewing on ice cubes. I should’ve taken better care of my neck skin.  I should’ve tried out for the high school drill team. I should’ve stayed in chorus. I should’ve skipped dating that guy. I should’ve skipped drinking so much at that one party where . . .

We choose our lives every day. True, most of us have to work to pay the bills, but we get to choose what we do to make that income. Hate your job? Find another one. As a teacher, we had to finish out our school year contracts before leaving, but you get my drift.

Marry that guy or go out on a first date with this guy? Wear that guy’s ring or see what else is out there first?   These days you might want to marry someone of the same gender, or no one at all.

Get a dog? Or get a cat? Or get both? Or neither? Dogs are a great way to meet people in the park. Train yours to be friendly.

Have kids? Don’t have kids? The world is coming to an end.  The Earth ready to implode, or is it?  You will never find any baby’s YouTube video as cute as your own child’s.  But it’s an eighteen year or more commitment, so go into it with your eyes wide open.

Buy property or rent? Buy a car or ride share? Buy a vacation home or not? Be honest? Cheat the system?  Fudge on your taxes? Tell your spouse a little white lie? Live a double life?

Be religious or be spiritual?  Be an atheist? Be agnostic? Be a good person no matter what?  How about the car commercial where being a good husband is not enough? You need a sports car, and then it is enough?  How silly.

Work for the future? Plant an oak seedling that you will never witness as a mighty oak? Write stories for children that haven’t been born yet?  Join a service organization? Watch sports?  Hoard your money? Give to charities?

Read books?  Get your news from questionable sources?  Pay no attention to anything happening around you?  Live in a bubble?  Remain ignorant? Apathetic?

Find like-minded people? Branch out and befriend those who are your polar opposite?  Throw parties and invite everyone you know? Or save the seat at your table for those who have already made the cut?

I am in a singles’ club with 200 members. At the TGIF’s there was always that one table where you saw the vacant seat but you weren’t allowed to sit there. They were being saved for late arrivals, friends who had already made the cut. Somehow it seemed wrong to do that at a club event.  Yet it happened time and time again.  I even saw one new guy dig in his heels and insist that he sit there. It did not end well. I could see his point, though. Why come to a club event if you were going to exclude everyone except the chosen few? Other times members] in the club have helped themselves to others’ wine, food, etc. I had a party at my house, and someone stole the expensive bottle of whiskey. But the joke was on them. I had poured the cheap stuff into the expensive bottle before they stole it.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Life is full of choices. Go out and make a few. Even if they are the wrong ones, at least you are living your life.





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