The Estate Sale and the Birthday Party

Instead of my typical Sunday where I’d run out and buy the SF Chronicle, then go visit my sister for Facebook Sunday, I headed home from the drugstore. The party wouldn’t happen until 1:00 p.m.

On the way home I saw an estate sale sign. I love estate sales because they are whole-house affairs, not just a garage full of junk. The man in the garage invited me to go inside the house, where I met three sisters. Their dad had passed away.

I saw the old rotary phone and told them about my kids, one of whom had asked me why we say dial a number. They’d never seen a rotary phone and didn’t understand how punching buttons would be considered dialing.

I asked about sewing items, then wandered down the hall to see a day bed, some lamps and lots of linens. I picked up a ruffled pillow sham and told one of the sisters that I use the ruffles for my pioneer clothing business.

As we passed the bathroom/laundry room, the sister said, “Even the washer and dryer are for sale.”

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

I needed a new dryer, or in this case, a used dryer that wouldn’t leave brown marks on my clothing, the way my Craigslist dryer had been doing lately.

The price was $100. Eight years before, I’d paid $100 for the Craigslist dryer, since mine was gas, and since my new post-divorce house had no gas plumbing to the laundry room. The cost of moving had sucked my cash flow. I figured it was easier to buy the second-hand electric dryer than it was to pay to plumb the gas. The dryer served me well for almost eight years. That’s $12.50 per year, not too bad.

My contractor happened to be at my house (on a Sunday!), and he could pull out the old dryer and set it in my yard. His helper (also my helper) was coming over for my sister’s birthday party, so her truck was coming with her. I texted her about helping me pick up the dryer. She didn’t respond.

I took a chance and bought the dryer after running to the bank for cash.  Then I walked the dogs, had the contractor move the old dryer, and filled up my cold bag with a cherry pie, a red velvet cake, and two gallons of ice cream. I got to my sister’s place and showed her the Iowa relatives on Facebook, lots of babies and young children to see.

My helper and her ten-year-old daughter showed up first, so we did some math memory stuff.  Then my younger sis, mom and brother in law showed up with a lemon cake, and I started the process of serving them all. I sliced and scooped plate after plate until family, friends, housemates and caregivers all had some dessert. We listened to Beatles songs and then left the ten year old to entertain everyone while my helper and I went to collect the dryer.

We got rained on as we (she) and the son-in-law loaded the dryer into her truck, and then we (she) took it out of the truck and rolled it into my garage.

We went back to the board and care home and rejoined the party.

A day of no Facebook, no emails, no angry friends blasting me for events in days past (see yesterday’s blog post). It was delightful, and everybody got cake (Sister got it twice).

Someday soon I will take apart the old dryer and find all those missing socks.




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