Gender Wars on Facebook

Two of my friends who don’t know one another went at it on Facebook over an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quote, which said that powerful women get picked on because they are powerful women.  The guy friend stated that gender has nothing to do with it. The gal friend argued that it has everything to do with it.

The ironic thing is that I had a dinner date that very evening with the guy friend. As my gal friend became more and more incensed, it was clear to me that neither one of them was going to bend.  I thought about deleting the whole post, but someone had done that to me once, and I felt as though I’d had the rug pulled out from under me in the middle of a discussion, so I let it ride.

As I went about my day I checked back to the comments and saw that there had been 28 exchanges. That’s a lot for one little post.

I chimed in and asked my guy friend to think about how his life would’ve been different if he would have been born a female. Of course he had no grasp as to how it would have made a difference. If he had, then the Facebook argument over AOC’s comment would’ve never happened.

This is the same guy who thought lynching was not a racially-charged word. Lynching, as in to be lynched. The hate symbol for blacks is a noose hanging from something. A noose was used to lynch black slaves and freed blacks who broke the law in the South.

I realize the older a person is the less likely he or she is going to bend in his or her thinking. When I told another girlfriend about the lynching comment the guy friend had made, her husband said, “He sounds like a dick. Don’t go out with him.”

I am fully aware that said guy might be reading my blog post right now and that he might want to stop reading. At dinner last night, as we discussed potential Democratic presidents, he said he didn’t like Kamala Harris because she slept her way to the top.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Because Willie Brown said she slept with him.”

“Why would he say that? Why would he want to ruin her career?”

And more pointedly, why doesn’t it hurt a man’s career to do the same?

The guy friend had no memorable comment for that. A man said it happened, so he believed that it happened. It loops back to the original argument (which he denies) that powerful women are picked on because they are powerful.

Hilary wore ugly pantsuits.

Elizabeth lied about her Native American heritage (her DNA sample proved that she has a tract of Native American from six generations back) and refused to give up her time (she persisted).

Maxine Waters is dumb (thank you, President Trump).

Oprah is fat.

Stacey Abrams.

Those two women in the elevator during the Kavanaugh hearings.

The young women of the Parkland school shooting eat Tide pods.

The list continues. As long as men are threatened by powerful women they will try to find ways to bring them down. In the olden days they raped them and/or took them for their wives. That is no longer PC, so now they insult them and share ugly posts about them.

Clueless guys don’t see it. Guys who are happily married develop empathy for the other gender. They can see the cheap shots made at women intended to bring them down because they are women.

My guy friend doesn’t see it.

We women see everything.



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