The Late Winter Blues


Hail, thunder, sunset, a rainbow. It all happened Sunday afternoon within five minutes of one another. Monday brought polar weather to my California town. It’s the second half of February. I am ready for winter to be done. True, we haven’t had snow, except that one day. We rarely have ice, but this morning yesterday’s hail was still on the ground.  As winters go, this has been a wet one. The reservoirs have filled; the snow pack is high and full of moisture. It all looks good on paper, so why am I so blue?

I miss summer, dancing at a godly hour as opposed to an ungodly one, not being cold, not wearing four shirts. Part of it is the kitchen remodel. Those guys are in and out of my house all day. I moved my healthy ivy plant from the kitchen to the sliding glass door. The contractor used the slider to get outside and knocked off some leaves. I moved the plant to the laundry room. Then he used the laundry room door to get outside and knocked off more leaves. Now the plant is in the sewing room.

The dogs are each settled into a recliner, and I am in one, too. The house has warmed up now that the contractor and his helper have gone home for the day. The door is shut; the heat is back on. I am sleepy and must wake up for the 10:00 news.

My house is chaotic, dishes in the bathtub, make-shift kitchen in the spare bedroom. Ants have found the traces of food in the bathroom. My girlfriend asked me over for dinner tonight, but when the workers left, I cherish the time in my house with no pounding. Tonight I needed to veg out at home.

I have a new book and a leftover piece of pizza to eat. I have a blog post to write and a load of laundry to put into the dryer. Tomorrow night I have a three-hour rehearsal and no dinner beforehand. Thank you very much, acid reflux.

I saw my gastroenterologist hurry by me Sunday as I sat outside of the pizza place with my son’s dog on my lap to keep me warm. It was a sunny day but cold. He was probably thinking to himself, she shouldn’t be eating pizza. I bought a big one and sent most of the leftovers home with my son.

The dogs are barking at the motion light that just turned on at the front door. Maybe it was the wind or the potato bush plant that set it off. It might be the skunk that lives in the hedge and has wandered onto the porch.

Friends are posting upcoming music events on Facebook, bands playing in May June, and July. At first I laughed; it’s so far off. But I get it. They also have the winter blues and are looking forward to a time where we are sitting in the sun well into the evening, sipping our wine coolers, listening to good music and dancing with friends. The bands end at nine instead of starting at nine. We will be in shorts and the women in sleeveless tops, with cute hats and sunglasses in the California sun. Life slows down and everyone congratulates each other for making it through another winter.

There are always a few missing from the summer before.  We are at that point in our lives. Two girlfriends each lost a son last year. It is unbelievable. One of my daughters hasn’t called me in two weeks. Hopefully it’s because she had a fun weekend and her phone is dead.

Life goes on, and I concentrate on the good parts. Spring is coming, and then summer. I hope to sing with my chorus and the local symphony in March, and I have a wedding to attend in April.

And a new kitchen!   I can’t forget about that.

There’s always a rainbow.


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