Freaky Friday

It was a beautiful day in Monterey County. I got up early, ate breakfast, showered, wrote a blog post, and stuffed more branches (blown down in the last storm) into the green can. Then I left for Carmel to be there when the thrift stores opened at 10:00 a.m.. One of them was having a half off sale on the entire store.

I found some goodies at the half-off store, then hit the other two thrift stores next door and filled up my car with inexpensive treasures. It’s a good way to get my shopping on without spending much money. I actually found a flower pot with a hole in the bottom (yay!), some picture hangers, a shirt for my sis, and other random but cool things.

On the sunny drive back to PG, I remembered to swing by the newspaper stands to get the new editions of the Carmel Pine Cone, and the Cedar Times, two local papers that both come out on Fridays. I stopped by one more thrift store, but they were packing up to move to a new location next week, so all I picked up there was the Pine Cone, which turned out to be two weeks old. That’s okay. I like to read the police log to see what has been happening in my town.

After I found the latest editions, I drove along the coast to catch a view of the waves crashing against the rocks on Asilomar Beach. Then I decided to cut the drive short and head home.  I turned up Pico Avenue past some roofers and then past the bottles-in-the-window house in the next block, to my street where I hung a left.

Surprise! Two firemen were standing in the street, talking to the driver of the car ahead of me.  Some construction guys had hit a gas line, and my road was closed. Two houses are being renovated across from each other. One is a total gutting and redo; the other is a huge addition doubling the size of the mid-century cottage.  I turned around and went back the way I came, then headed down a parallel street, and came up my street from the other end.  A fire truck blocked traffic two houses down from my driveway. A little bit of excitement for a Friday afternoon.

Since it was close to 70 degrees with the sun shining, I spent the afternoon gardening in my front yard. I’d already picked up the downed branches the day before, so today it was more about pulling weeds and plucking smaller twigs and pinecones from the large flower bed built by the last owner.  When we bought the house twelve years before, the yard was lush with plants that needed regular care. Now the flower bed has been taken over by succulents that can survive with very little watering – jade, cactus, that sort of thing.

After I wore myself out gardening, I came in to watch Ellen at four o’clock, only to find that some of my TV channels had no sound. I had to watch CSI (too gory for me) instead. I didn’t get to watch my regular news channel either but still got the news that the federal government is back open for three weeks. Then I found a stack of old magazines in a cupboard and went through them, throwing out half of them and flipping through the other half.

I thought up an idea for another picture book (hurray!) as I sat in front of the TV and the fired-up wood-stove insert, with one dog next to me, then the other.  They take turns all night long. It’s an Alpha thing.

I tried Channel Two one more time and was surprised to have sound again. But somehow I also had an audio description of each scene. What a weird TV.

Joe enters the room. 

Mike looks flummoxed.

It was redundant but also entertaining.

The oven is out, the TV is in and out, I have no internet here, and my next-door neighbors have invited homeless people and their large, loose collarless dog to live behind my back fence (in their back forty which wraps around my property).

Carl stares at Margaret without blinking.

Maybe he really is the Zodiac killer!  I have stopped working on my story and am typing this silly post.

Tomorrow it’s back to the Bay Area, where my friends will be dancing to a great band tomorrow night. My plan is to be there with them.

If only this place had the Bay Area night life. It would be the best of both worlds.

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