Dating the Neighbor

Julie got divorced and moved into her new townhouse with her six-year-old son. One day, when she was out walking her dog, a guy mowing his lawn turned off the mower and said hello. They chatted about her dog, and Julie mentioned that she had just moved in.
Doug rode his bike a lot while walking his dog alongside it. He saw the boxes in Julie’s open garage and figured out it was her new place. He came back and left a bottle of champagne on her porch.
Julie thanked him for the gift when he stopped by as she unpacked, and he asked her out. She wasn’t sure because of her young son.
The next day there was a box of art supplies on her porch for Austin.
Julie agreed to walk their dogs together. Pinky and Cody were about the same size and got along.
Julie finally agreed to a dinner date and got a sitter. Doug took her out. But one red flag was when she tried to order, Doug said, “No, I will order for you.”
When Julie tried talking, Doug would interrupt her mid-sentence and say, “Ah, I know what you’re going to say.”
Doug bragged about his job as supervising electrician. He bragged about his silver Porsche. Red flags were popping up all over the place. He didn’t let her order; he didn’t let her talk. He didn’t ask her any questions about what she did or liked.
Julie didn’t want to date the guy again, but he lived right around the corner. She’d catch him walking by her place and once looking in her windows. Julie kept her garage door shut and her curtains closed after that. She even hid in the bushes a couple of times when she saw him.
Doug finally ran into her and asked her why she was avoiding him. She told him she wasn’t ready to date because of her young son.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Julie would’ve continued to date Doug, she would’ve found out just how controlling he could be. He would want to do things his way all the time and impose his opinions on her until she would pretend to agree. He would make comments about how she was raising her son, and then Julie knew she had to get out.

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