Weirdest Dinner Party Ever

It was the holidays. Lynn and Richard had invited six couples and one single neighbor over for a lovely dinner party. The guests were told not to bring anything except ourselves.
Since it was a long drive to Richmond and since we had a voucher to go kayaking the next day in Sausalito, my then-boyfriend, Bill, and I asked to stay overnight. Lynn agreed, happy to have the company.
Lynn had replaced the old cast iron kitchen sink with a stainless steel one. I said I wanted that old sink for my potting shed in the yard. Bill loaded it into the back of my car.
During dinner, a votive candle exploded, and during dessert, another one did, too. Was it a foreshadowing of things to come?
After too much food and wine, most everyone left. Bill and I strapped on our aprons and got busy in the kitchen doing clean-up duty. Bill was the dishwasher, and I was the dish dryer. At one point, Bill turned on the garbage disposal, and we heard some grinding. One of Lynn’s silver dessert forks had fallen into the drain and was now a twisted mess.
What else could go wrong?
Bill washed the nearly 40 stemware glasses. We’d had wine, water, and champagne, times 13 people. I couldn’t dry them as fast as he could wash. My feet were killing me, so I stopped long enough to take off my shoes. It was midnight.
Lynn came into the kitchen to inspect our work, and she either took something away that was holding up the newly washed cutting board, or maybe it was a coincidence. At any rate, the cutting board fell over, and it pushed half of the crystal glasses off the counter. I had stepped away from the counter when Lynn came in, and now the glasses were flying toward me and my bare feet.
As they hit the tile floor, they shattered, throwing pieces of glass everywhere.. One piece lodged into the soft instep of my left foot. Lynn rushed to bandage my cut; her RN nursing skills coming in handy.
Bill picked up the glasses, saying repeatedly, “It wasn’t my fault!”
We were all too tired and had had too much to drink to know whose fault it really was.
I felt so bad that I spent the next week buying Lynn replacement stemware at all my favorite thrift stores.
Oh, and we didn’t get to kayak the next day, either. It was too windy.
Lynn isn’t with that guy anymore either. She still has dinner parties, and I still get to come to them. We laugh about the broken stemware and the exploding candles.
I never used the kayak voucher.
The sink is still sitting in my yard, waiting to be hooked up in my imaginary potting shed.
It’s been at least five years.
Weirdest dinner party ever.
Good times.

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