We Need a Lemon Law, Mr. Trump

When a person buys a new or used car, and it gives the new owner nothing but problems in its first year, in many states, after three attempts to repair it, the owner can return the vehicle.
Consumers everywhere are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the Federal Lemon Law which applies to all consumer products, including automobile, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and all other ordinary consumer products including computers and household appliances.
I propose that the federal government pass legislation for a presidential lemon law, which would allow the American people to return a president to his large hotel if he turns out to be defective and not repairable.
Here is how you tell if you have a lemon for a president:
He calls various countries, filled with people of color, shitholes.
He invites people from Norway to immigrate here because he likes white Nordics.
He says he is a stable genius one more time.
He has undone protected federal lands (with congress helping).
He has raised national park entrance fees.
He has opened up drilling along the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts and in the Alaskan wildlife refuge.
He leads the tax reform bill that hurts the middle class and those of us that itemize instead of taking the standard deduction and/or live in expensive real estate states.
He has undone the fabric of America, including its protections for people who are not wealthy businesspeople.
Donald Trump is a wealthy man and protects others like him.
Yes, he has bolstered the stock market and rich people’s bank accounts.
Yes, he has gotten the ball rolling on immigration reform.
But he has done those things while degrading and demeaning:
People of color
Dreamers (DACA)
Hard-working people who have not had the fortune of higher education
He still wants his wall, and no, Mexico is not going to pay for it.
A week from now, women across the world will march again. What are they marching for, Donald Trump will ask?
Not just for women, but for everyone who cannot march for themselves: children, seniors, those with health issues, food issues, homeless people, DACA people, refugees with dangerous homelands, immigrants who have been productive members of the American landscape for decades.
Yes, Mr. Trump, send back the criminals, but don’t deport the parents of college-bound children who have U.S. citizenship while their parents do not. Don’t split up families who have been doing everything they can to make their lives better, while also adding to our economy and culture.
The rest of the world is watching and worried about the United States, as it should be. Most Americans are embarrassed by our leader, the most crass, most volatile president we have ever had. And hopefully, the last one like it.
Trump’s first year is almost up. We’ve got to send him back ASAP.
Where is a presidential lemon law when you need one?

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